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War, rather than peace, was the normal state of affairs for the Ancient Greeks. Commercial Rivalry a) Trade b) Had to be prepared to fight local inhabitants. c) Traders during the 7th and 6th centuries grew rich enough to challenge traditional aristocracies. New prosperity reflected a change in warfare - replaced hand to hand fighting with heavily armoured hoplites. The new 'middle-classes' could afford hoplite armour and weapons, which gave them a claim to the state's power. Self Defence

Seafaring warfare:

Greek navy was important due to geographical nature of Greek islands, and their policy of colonization (see above). Navy was the most costly instrument of warfare (sheer numbers involved in rowing ships). War ships in the 6th / 7th centuries BC were triaconters (30 oared) and penteconter (50 oars) etc. Preferred tactics were to ram enemy boats, rather than board them.

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