Discussion 1

Learning from Objects

To be able to find out about the past from a range of sources of information, including artefacts; to understand that Sparta also produced works of art, despite her reputation as a 'war machine'.

Sparta chapter - Story section

Class set-up:
Whole class work, using a projector or interactive whiteboard if available; or could be done with small groups sat around a computer

Sparta, materials, craftsmen, bronze, ivory

Read through the story together; at the last page, go through each of the objects displayed and read the captions. Ask:

(Answers at this stage can be quite literal e.g. Spartans worshipped a god called Aristaios, they were soldiers, girls took part in exercise, they raised sheep for wool and food. See Sparta Explore for more information on each object if needed)

(i.e. at one time, Sparta made well-crafted objects, before becoming a military state)

Background information:
You may find the following Background Information sheets found on www.ancientgreece.co.uk useful for this activity:

Spartan Life