Discussion 4

Plato's Cave Allegory

To understand why people use allegories to make points.

Knowledge and Learning chapter

Class set-up:
class discussion

allegory, philosopher

Read through the Knowledge and Learning story. Ask the class do they think the people in the cave were happy or unhappy. Ask the children to describe what the people in the cave think the world is like.

What would the person who left the cave think about the world? Would he be: excited, scared, happy, worried? Why do the children think that the other people in the cave did not believe him about the outside world?

Explain what an allegory is. Ask why Plato used this type of story to explain his point. Can the children think of other allegories? This could be linked into Unit 2B of the Religious Education Scheme of Work for Key Stage 2.

Background information:
You may find the following Background Information sheets found on www.ancientgreece.co.uk useful for this activity: