Follow-up 5

Personal Timeline

To encourage pupils to think about how timelines are structured and how to present information within the structure of a timeline.

Photographs, magazines, large sheets of paper, writing materials.

Class set-up:
Individuals or partner work.


Discuss the purpose of timelines and the different components of a timeline.

Ask pupils to create a timeline; either of their entire lives, or a segment of their life (i.e.: since they started school or one chosen year of their life). Alternatively, divide the class into partners and have each group choose what their timeline will cover. They could do concurrent years or alternating ones. Encourage them to discuss which events, people and developments and/or changes they want to include or exclude.

Ask pupils to consider what the timeline will look like, what increments of time they will use and how the increments will be marked on the timeline.

Have pupils create the timelines (this may be an excellent homework task, as parents can assist with memories and locating photographs).

Ask pupils to present their finished timelines to the rest of the class, explaining.

Background information:
None available for this activity.