Follow-up 7

Temple Sculptures

To understand that Greek architectural ideas have directly and indirectly influenced the buildings around us. (Links to QCA Unit 15, section 4).

Paper for drawing, clipboards, pencils, erasers, camera.

Class set-up:
Whole class trip - split into groups, with adult helpers.

Architecture, sculpture, pediment, frieze, column, metope.

This activity should follow on from a session where the class have used the Acropolis Challenge and Acropolis Explore, to gain an understanding of the basic elements of Greek temple architecture. It would be helpful if any adult helpers have also had a chance to look at these sections of the website.

Explain to the class that they are going on a walk around their local area to look for buildings which show the influence of ancient Greek architecture. They will make drawings of some of the details on the buildings, labelling them with suitable terminology.

Each group will then look for buildings (it would be worthwhile to provide a list of suitable buildings to the adult helpers, with a labelled diagram of the architectural features the children are looking for). When each group finds a suitable building, the children can make careful drawings of, for example, the columns, the pediment/pedimental sculptures, the frieze. They should be encouraged to label the drawings with the correct terminology. Photos of the buildings could also be taken.

On returning to the school, the class could discuss what evidence they found locally of the influence of Greek architecture, showing their drawings. These could then be mounted alongside photos of Greek buildings, as part of a display on the legacy of ancient Greece.

Background information:
You may find the following Background Information sheets useful for this activity:
Art and Architecture -